Raúl YA



Hi! I'm Raúl.

I'm a frontend developer advocate of web technologies and free software.

What is my "daily driver"? I really enjoy using GNU/Linux (Manjaro Linux right now) and KDE Plasma Desktop at home and work and Android for my phone, I think they are the best platforms to use and develop. For my text editor I use VS Code. Note that all of them offer something essential for me: (almost) full customization.

As a developer, I've always loved being on the frontend side, but I'm never afraid of rolling up my sleeves and work on the backend. And not just for web, but also for desktop and mobile native. My favourite language: Javascript.

I like to share knowledge too, I've led some open source events and ocasionally teach about web development and give talks. Right now, I'm an organizer of the SevillaJS group.

At times I've collaborated with open source projects (not as much and many as I desired) like Ubuntu Touch Core Apps as a frontend dev.

Want to know more? ... I like electronic and rock music, and I've composed some electronic music when I was younger. Right now the world can enjoy my musical skills when I sing in the shower.

Are you still reading? ... want to know more? ... Ok, ok, I'll confess... I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I bet that you breathe freely now.

Really you want to know more? Ok, follow me on Twitter, or check my work on GitHub, or read me on Medium (when I post something, of course).

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By now I'll post my thoughts on Medium, so, you can go there and read them (when they are published, of course).

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